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Fish & Chips

The Atlantic has been supplying Weston with the finest fish and chips for over three generations, and we want to continue to do so for many more!  As such we use only MSC certified sustainable fish and recyclable takeaway boxes.

Our fish is available in a choice of our own secret recipe batter, fresh breadcrumbs or a special light crispy fusion batter and we are proud to offer a full gluten free menu every Sunday, and also offer grilled fish throughout the week.

Don't forget to look out for our seasonal specials such as Brixham Ling, Hake or Sole and delicious Newlyn Skate too!


Super thin batter, fat white chunks of juicy sweet boneless cod drizzled with vinegar and fresh lemon juice. Need I say more? Cod is the nations favourite fish and for good reason, its mild flavour and delicate texture appeals to all.


The Jewel in our crown, all of our haddock is line caught which helps preserve the whitest flakes of medium textured fish. Not quite as chunky as our cod loin but slightly more flavourful and the staple choice for our Scottish customers.

Rock Salmon

Rock Salmon or HUSS has a dense, meaty texture and offers one of the strongest flavours. Very popular in the East of England, it has been popular in chippies for generations.


The most popular British flatfish, plaice fillet retains a delicate flavour but is slightly more pronounced than haddock. Look out for whole plaice on our market specials board, its a real treat!

Our Favourites & Specials